Patent grants exclusive right(s) to inventor(s) for making, using and selling a new product / process for a limited period of time, subject to full disclosure of that product / process, thereby protecting and rewarding the innovation. The key factors of grant of a patent are uniqueness, usefulness and should be man made. The term of a patent is valid for a time period of 20 years in India. Patent services offered by us are –

  • Patent Search
  • Patent Analysis
  • Patentability Assessment
  • Patent Filing
  • Patent Prosecution
  • Patent Claim Drafting
  • Patent Mapping
  • Patent Litigation
  • Patent Portfolio Management
  • Design Around Study
  • Patent Technology Valuation
  • Patent Technology Transfer
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Freedom To Operate Study

Reosurce Centres

U.S Patent and Trademark Office
European Patent Office (EPO)  
India Patent Offices
World Intellectual Property Organization
Germany Patent Office
Japan Patent Office
Hong Kong Patent Office
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