It is for the information of the manufacturers of:

optical lenses, Airplane & Vehicle windows Crane enclosures, Welding Glass cover plates, Vending machine windows, Safety guards & Screens, Marine glazing, photographic filters, Watch Crystals, Plastic Mirrors, Instrumental windows, Biological test chambers, Medicine, Radon detection in buildings, transparent sheets used as a substitute for glass and solid state charged particles Detectors that patented technology for the following processes is available for Licensing, Assignment or Technical know how -

  1. For the process of preparation of unsaturated carbonates particularly Allyl Carbonates & Carbonic Acid Esters capable of  preparing thin sheets of polymer i.e. either homoplymer of NADAC monomer or its copolymer with other monomers like ADC, of thickness between 200 microns to 800 microns, and of size varying  between 1” x 1” to 12” x 12”, is available for Tecnology transfer & Technical know how.
    [The sensitivity of these films to alpha particles was found out as given in literature and compared with that of commercially available CR-39 polymer. Poly [PNADAC-co-ADC] copolymer was found to be more sensitive than CR-39 polymer]
  2. An Improved Process for the Preparation of Allyl Carbonates of Glycols and Polyglycols, the carbonate esters thus obtained can be used to produce valuable derivatives which find use in above mentioned industries.

Green Technology Based Eco-Friendly Cooking Apparatus:

This invention relates to an exhaust cooker for preparing food using exhaust flue gas from a vehicle comprising Flue gas regulator, Steam generator and Steam pressure cooker. It is an Eco-friendly device works by  recycling  exhaust flue gases and Clean Technology.

Wind power Generator:

The invention is about a Wind Power Generator generates a huge amount of electrical energy by converting the natural wind energy. This technology comprises  fixed disc , a frame,  windmill , a base frame, a main shaft, a rotor and a plurality of wind-receiving rotating blades, a coupling to hold the disc, a flange to join the rotating disc and the shaft and ball bearing, dynamo.